Sofa City Sweetheart

It’s started off as a dreary ole day in Perth. I’m convinced the entire city woke up to thunder and lightning last night.
Fly in, fly out friends have had their flights delayed, and kids jumped into their parents bed’s overnight.

Which means that all I feel like doing today is crawling back home, jumping into pj’s and watching a movie.
I probably will end up doing this, I just need to wait 8 hours to finish this whole “working” thing.

In the spirit of today’s winter-like weather, here is my list of go-to rainy day (or sick day, or hungover day etc.) movies:

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

how to lose a guy

I can’t ever watch this movie too many times.
“Are you saying I’m some kind of mental person?!”

2. The Parent Trap

parent trap

I used to wish so hard that I had a twin sister, somewhere in the world.
“Yes, you want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don’t.”

3. Sixteen Candles

sixteen candlesI also wished to be a teenager in the 80’s, to my mother’s disgust.
“I can’t believe it. They f**king forgot my birthday.”

4. Sweet Home Alabama

sweet home

This is a mother-daughter friday night, pizza party movie.
“Jake, you dumb, stubborn, redneck hick!”

5. Now and Then

now and then

The female “Stand By Me”. One of my favourites, ever.
“You can’t get pregant from kissing!” … (I think this is actually how I got my sexual education).

6. Easy A

easy aEmma Stone’s breakout movie.
“What does that matter, I’m adopted!” “What!? Who told you?”

7. Crazy Stupid Love

crazy stupidWhile we’re talking about Emma Stone, let’s add some Ryan Gosling.
“Do people still say ‘bang’?”

8. Bridget Jones’ Diarybridget

This one’s for my Mum too, and her huge crush on Colin Firth.
“This is Bridget Jones for Sit up Britain, searching for tuna.”

9. Zoolander


One I would watch with Andrew. Or my bro.
“I think I have the Black Lung.”

10. Gilmore Girls ggYes, it is a TV show. But it’s my go to, and it’s so many more hours of coffee fuelled fun.
“Coffee? You like coffee?” “Only with my oxygen”.

I accidentally got Lucy hooked on this show, and now her boyfriend hates me.
BUT, I have someone who shares my love. So it was all worth it.

Now, I just need to chose one for tonight…

[All images from IMDb]

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